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Packing Made Easy

How to Pack Boxes for Storage

First, it is important to invest in good sturdy moving boxes. A few tips to properly pack your boxes to place in storage:

  1. Make sure the bottom of the boxes are firmly sealed with packing tape.
  2. Pack like items together in boxes.
  3. Line the boxes that you are using for breakable items such as glasses, dishes and collectible items with bubble wrap or newsprint.
  4. Roll glasses onto the newsprint paper and tuck in the ends of the paper as you roll for a tight package. Tape the package to prevent the paper from unraveling.
  5. Place heavier items at the bottom of the boxes, then place filler protection between the pieces and place another layer of items. Put the lightest item at the top of the boxes, while leaving about 3 inches of space from the top for filler paper.
  6. Make sure that the box is completely full. If not the box could collapse in a stack in storage.
  7. Completely seal the top of the box with packing tape to prevent dust or dirt from getting into the box.
  8. Hang clothing, heavy drapery, heavy blankets and quilts in wardrobe boxes.
  9. Pack lampshades, linens, pillow and larger lighter items in larger boxes.
  10. Label each box with the contents on multiple sides of the box. Keep an inventory list of the boxes on a separate notepad to use as a reference after moving day.

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